CMS Features


  • Save Time
  • No Plug-in Upgrade Crashing Fears
  • Use Templates

Content Management: Text

  • Use Flash, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and others
  • Easily add new pages and categories
  • Easily edit text with a built-in WYSIWYG editor (WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get)
  • You and your clients will find it a breeze to add and edit content

Content Management: Media

  • Upload photos
  • Upload videos

Custom Navigation Menus

  • Build custom menus

SEO (On-site)

  • 100% unlimited control over URLs (At all levels: categories, pages, etc)
  • Customizable Meta-tags (Description meta-tags come by default but you can easily add more)
  • Change URLs (permalinks) without worrying about loss in ranking in all
  • Category tagging for better within site linking (e.g., List products by brand, colour, size, etc)
  • This world’s best multilingual SEO platform
  • Canonical URLs
  • Add index, noindex, nofollow, noodp, noydir, noarchive, nosnippet meta tags
  • 404
  • 100% Complete control over taxonomies (layout structure of the site)
  • Ability to show rankings of all of the pages on the CMS or chosen website automatically (import list)
  • Use .htm. .php. / (trailing slash) and so on. It’s your choice!


  • Up to 100 Languages
  • AB characters
  • Foreign characters (such as Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic,..)
  • Note: Back-end must be translated for languages other than English

Admin Access

  • Limited access by user, by group, or by page
  • Very robust administration access (so you can limit who can change what on your website)
  • Be a super-admin and create sub-admin to limit access

Ad Slots

  • Built-in advertising capability
  • Place ads throughout your website


  • Manage registered clients
  • Manage client contact details
  • Email clients directly from the system
  • Classify clients (e.g., everyone in New York City)

Registration System

  • Let clients register

Emailing System

  • Send emails to one client, a select group, or all of them directly from the system
  • Preview your emails by emailing one to yourself
  • Text-formatted email template

Design & Customization

  • Full control that any designer would need

Programming Customization

  • Built-in customizer allows programmers to easily make changes


  • Set passwords to expire within a certain date limit [check]
  • Force password changes periodically

Coming in 2015

  • Marketing Tab – Full Hub for SEO and Social Media
  • Project Tracking
  • E-commerce
  • Many more cool features!

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