At heart, Nuvocore is the world's most search engine friendly multilingual content management system (CMS). In practice, it can do a lot more and we're planning to add extensive functionality, including the ability to use it as an Internet marketing hub and project management center.

Just about every CMS was put together by programmers with no direction. They didn't consider what the CMS would be used for beyond some simple pages. Nuvocore didn't evolve that way. It was developed to fulfill a gap in the market. When we launched it in 2010, there was no product on the market that was 100% search engine friendly (such as with clean, customizable URLs) AND with robust multiple language capabilities. Many people currently use WordPress as a CMS, for example, but encounter numerous problems when it comes to more than one language.

Next, everyone on the original team had a Master's degree and at least a decade of experience in their respective field (such as SEO, programming, etc). That helped bring the vision to life with a very high standard.

Further, an experienced, professional marketing team listed their desire to use certain tools and we integrated those into the system.

This is a sincere, incredible effort.

It is well-known and documented that using WordPress for multiple language websites often results in a disaster. Nuvocore was not only designed from the ground up with multilingualism in mind during development, it was actually created and founded as an alternative to the hacks that were being used to force WordPress into being something it's not. We had clients asking for an easy to use, search engine friendly, bilingual and multilingual CMS and we couldn't find one, so we built it ourselves. This software is a collaboration of Master's level programmers and one of the most experienced SEOs in the world. Not to mention that the founder of Nuvocore gave the definitive talk that addresses the shortcomings of WordPress as a CMS at WordCamp in 2010. Trust us, we know what we're talking about!

Yes and no. In its current state, you can manually integrate e-commerce into the system (such as PayPal). In the future, we plan on having an integrated e-commerce solution. As you may know, e-commerce is extremely complex, especially given that different types of businesses have varying needs. We want to make sure that when we launch e-commerce capability, we'll do it right.

Yes! We can customize your website in all aspects from design to programming.

Yes! We provide extensive online marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), sponsored ads / PPC, mobile marketing, and so on.

To date, Nuvocore has been funded entirely by its developers and subsequently clients who have purchased it. We have also applied for a government grant and are considering VC initiatives. If you're interested in funding our project, please get in touch with us. Our start-up has a lot to offer and tons of potential!

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