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Nuvocore began as an alternative to conventional content management systems which were lacking in many ways, not the least of which was the ability to easily build a website in more than one language.

The creative team behind Nuvocore keeps up to date with the direction that the Internet and digital worlds are moving. By moving with the leading edge, we've been able to anticipate what web designers, web programmers, Internet and marketing agencies, as well as the end users (companies) will need to remain competitive.

Origin of the Name "Nuvocore"

As you're probably aware, these days it's extremely difficult to find a company name that has an accompanying domain name that is available. After searching for a month and literally hundreds of names, this one came up. One unique aspect to the name includes the fact that the system can be used as a core to your Internet strategies. Another is that when read out loud, "nuvo" is the French word for "new" (and similar pronunciations in other languages mean the same thing) which makes the system's name relevant, and more importantly multilingual. The name is also short, to the point, and sounds cool in a techie kind of way.

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